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When you encounter the message 'This TV/device is not part of the household' upon login,

Don`t worry, follow these steps to regain access:

Click 'I'm Traveling' or 'Watch Temporarily'
(❌My TV/device doesn’t have 'I'm Traveling' or 'Watch Temporarily')



Step 2:

Click the 'Send Email' button on device, and we will collect the email for you.




Step 3

Visit our website sd-boost.com and copy temporally code related to your Netflix user email this process may take 1-3 minutes.

Note -Code will expire after 15 minutes



Step 5

Enter verification code into your TV or device to continue enjoying Netflix!




Step 01 -      Click 'Update Netflix Household'.



Steep 02 - Click 'Send email'.


This process may take 1-3 minutes and all household email requests are automatically approve within 1-3 minutes



Try these methods:

  • If it's a Mobile app -Please uninstall the app and re-install again 

  • Restart the TV and Router in same time  

  • Log in again

What is a Netflix Household?

A Netflix account is meant to be shared by people who live together in one household.

(A Netflix Household is a collection of the devices connected to the internet at the main place you watch Netflix. A Netflix Household can be set using a TV device. All other devices that use your Netflix account on the same internet connection as this TV will automatically be part of your Netflix Household)




Yes, Netflix's household policy affects all accounts globally, restricting usage to a single household to prevent account sharing.

Creating Your Own Account with adding your payment method

-To ensure compliance and uninterrupted service, you can create your own Netflix account using your credit card. While this option is more expensive than shared accounts ,